Title29 12 Week Challenge: Week Twelve

It’s been a transformative 12 weeks for my wife and I. We are up at 4:00am Monday through Friday and working out from 5:00am to 6:00am.

Our active lifestyle tells a part of the transformation story. We no longer go away for the weekend and focus on the places we can eat out at. Instead, we are active and doing things like hiking, participating in 5K races, etc.

The biggest and most exciting thing about the past 12 weeks for me is the change in number. My body scan shows a little over 5% body fat loss with and a gain of 1.1% muscle mass. I lost a total of 26 lbs but the scale weight is not as important to me. The real win is the fat loss. I did not lose muscle along with the fat, I lost pure fat as I gained strength. My wife did not do a body scan, but I am sure her numbers are more impressive than mine!

Things do not end with the 12 week challenge. I am looking forward to sticking with this lifestyle and getting another body scan in 6 weeks.

12 Week Challenge

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