Shane Eckert

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First time at an MMA Event

My wife and I spent Friday evening in the Savemart center as we supported our trainer Paul Elizondo Jr. who was competing in the Combate Americas Mexico Vs. USA event. It was incredibly fun! We planned to attend with our gym Title 29 Fitness which is where Paul is a trainer, but that did not […]

Loop through an array

Today I needed to loop through the output of a command on the WP CLI. The most simple way I could think to do that was to save the output of the command into an array and loop through it. What I did was use wp site list to get the subsites on a WordPress […]

VIP Grand Meetup

In October WordPress VIP headed to the Rotterdam in the Netherlands for the VIP Grand Meetup! This was my first VIP GM and the first year not attending the main Automattic GM. I had a blast getting to know the amazing folks in VIP. You can view some photos of the trip here.

12 Week Challenge

Title29Fitness where I workout has created a 12 week challenge. To kick that off our teams got body scans today as well as a 12 week meal plan. And it’s going to be a huge challenge for sure! 80% in the kitchen, 20% in the gym. Looking at 1,801-2,025 calories each day. My macros and […]

WooCommerce Remove Stripe Credit Card Icon

Sometimes you do not want to show certain credit card logos during checkout when using the Stripe plugin. There are two ways to remove those. CSS and with a filter. The first is pretty straight forward, the following CSS placed in the Additional CSS file (You can access this through the customizer) will hide the […]


I had a great time with my wife and my team (Tatooine) in Hawaii. We were there 12 days total. The only thing I would change is the location in Hawaii. Honolulu is very crowded. It’s a big city that felt like Los Angeles, only the driving was 100 times worse. It was hot and […]

Hawaii: Team Tatooine MeetUp!

My team is having a MeetUp in Hawaii and it should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to spending some time with my team, Tatooine in WooCommerce, as well as a team from .com that is having their MeetUp in the same location. We have some cross team stuff planned that should […]

Last Stretch of Fence

It seems like it was not that long ago when a few friends and I started replacing several hundred feet of fencing. This required ripping down an old fence that was actually three difference fences all wrapped in barbed wire fencing. It was a nightmare, That’s almost 2 acres worth of fencing. Then we replaced […]

At Rest

It’s no surprise that the most vivid memories of life, the moments that seem stuck in time, are often cemented into memory through joy or pain. What is surprising is how closely the two exist. In the times of deep pain it’s the joyful moments that pull us through. They mingle together in an awful yet wonderfully poignant way.


1.7.2019 Dear Mom, You were amazing to me. So many things made you amazing. A mom that other mom’s wanted to be like, you offered guidance and direction, love and friendship to anyone and everyone. You always thought of yourself last. When no one was looking and no one knew, you gave of yourself freely […]

True Paradox

This was a very quick read, just a few evenings and it was done. It was an excellent read. This is one I will be adding to my “replay” list. Basically the intricate and amazing details of life that are deeply scientific as well as poetic, point to the existence of God. The book is […]

WordPress 5.0

Today is the day! I am so excited about the release of WordPress 5.0 and Blocks (Gutenberg). We will see a lot of new things over the next few weeks in my department, challenges and fun things to troubleshoot and fix. I am not being sarcastic at all either, I love it.

House Update October

Things are really moving! My office has been framed up! The interior changes are framed as well. The addition to the house that is our new kitchen is all framed out, plumbing, lighting, electrical, gas, and so on are in! Today they are putting insulation in and the walls are being covered. We met with […]

Products of church

“If everyone who graduated from Harvard ended up working at a Jack in the Box, who in their right mind would spend the fortune required to send their kids there? Harvard is supposed to produce professionals ready to compete for high-level positions. In the same way, Paul expected the Church to produce courageous, hardworking saints, who are unfazed by false teachings and able to resist temptation (Eph. 4:11–14). In describing his goal for those he pastored, Paul used the phrases “mature manhood” and “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (v. 13). Does this describe your church members?”

Closing Party

Last night was the closing party which officially ends the Grand Meetup. The party was held at Epcot Center not too far from our hotel. It was a blast! The food, the band (our own Automatticians), the fireworks, just an amazing experience as always! View the album here!

First Commit to WordPress Core

This week during the Grand Meetup I was in a class called “Contributing to Core”. It was such a great class in that I got an inside view to all things WordPress Core. By the end of class I had my very first commit to WordPress Core. The commit was a fix for #45028 that my co-worker filed during the class.