Using The Gutenberg Editor

Using the Gutenberg Editor was a bit rough for me at first. Okay okay! In reality I may have yelled in frustration at my computer screen (poor computer screen takes a lot from me just because it’s right there) a lot and walked stormed away mad. I may have even removed Gutenberg a few times so that I could write a post using the classic editor.

Gutenberg is available as a plugin now, and soon by default in version 5.0 of WordPress. The classic editor will be available as a plugin if needed.

I decided to spend some quality time learning Gutenberg and adapting to all the new features. I have been writing posts in WordPress the same way for years and years. Of course change is never easy but easy is not the road I favor. I am also committed to the Automattic Creed that states: I will never stop learning.

“WordPress 5.0 will be the first “major” release of 2018, including the new editor, codenamed “Gutenberg”.”

I have written a few long posts and and several short posts in Gutenberg and I can say that I am now very comfortable using the editor. In fact there is much love involved in writing because Gutenberg makes writing fun and easy, putting all the power of WordPress right at my fingertips.

If you are holding off on switching from the classic editor to Gutenberg, I totally get it. Why not write a few post in WordPress for the singular purpose of learning Gutenberg?  It’s hugely rewarding.

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