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Have you ever had everything come to a brilliant point in your life, and that totally surprised you? Your passions, skills, life events, seemingly random and chaotic circumstances, and even hardships, all playing together? Like a thread weaving in and out to form a finished product. That happened for me a few weekends ago.

We had some friends over for dinner and to catch up after way too long apart. One of my friends owns a Wedding photography business that is very successful. I can’t remember how we started talking about it exactly, but I brought up my interest in videography and before I knew it, I was receiving some really great encouragement and an invitation to join my friends on a new business venture.

I am a hobby level photographer and videographer, but I believe I can up those skills pretty quickly, like over the next several months, if I spend lots of time practicing. I have spent countless hours watching YouTube videos, reading and practicing with my phone. Wedding videos that are cinematic, and also may make you tear up, are my favorite. I started watching those about 9 years ago. I love documentaries as well. Peter McKinnon is one of my favorite YouTubers, I not only enjoy the content there, but super appreciate the instructional stuff he does.

So I am pretty good at music, live and digital, and I have the technical skills with computers. I have been using Adobe products since 1997. Where I think I shine is creativity. That’s why I think I can make a go of this. I have my own ideas that come from me and I just need experience to be able to bring those to the world. The whole process is so interesting and fun to me. Shooting and editing. Post effects, all of it. Though today I am not a pro at it, I do believe I will eventually be. Just like I could not program or create a site, I can now do those things so well I make a living doing it. I really feel like a lot of my hobbies and talents have brought me to this point and I could not be more excited.

One of the most exciting pieces of this adventure is the equipment. My initial investment into cameras, lenses, gimbals, and all the little things that are huge, like batteries, memory cards, cases and accessories. I love research and pulling the trigger on the purchase. So far, I seem to have gotten all I need. From the right camera and lenses, to software and a huge NAS to store my raw files and exported videos.

One thing I am doing that is a larger bite than I initially thought is using a Drone. Turns out that drones are not only difficult to fly, but you can’t just buy one and then fly it. Thankfully I figured this out before purchase, or that would have been a huge upset. It’s only $5 to register your drone, but if you use it for anything other than pleasure, then you have to get a Part 107 license. I am in the process of going through a school for that license. It was not cheap, nor is the test for the license, but on the other side of it, I’ll be able to record weddings, real estate, and more with my drone. I totally got it stuck in a tree already, thankfully I got it free and it’s fine. 🙂

I think I might create a page just for researching this stuff, in case anyone might find it useful. But really, the struggle, not knowing what you do not know and then finding that is a huge part of proving your passion to yourself and learning deeply. I reached out to one of my favorite wedding photography YouTubers and have a zoom call scheduled for next week. Very excited!

By Shane
Shane Life Cinematic