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Weekends At Big Family Ranch: Spirit West Coast, Florida, and the Bay Area (also a haircut)

June 10th 2017

This weekend and this week are/were very, very packed! My wife and one of the girls headed to Florida to swim with the Manatees, me and some of the kids headed to the Bay Area to spend several days with my family and friends. My oldest and I attended Spirit West Coast in Concord for the second ear in a row and met our favorite artist, TobyMac. To top it off, my little girl who is heading into High School got a haircut that transformed her appearance to that of a young woman. I love watching all the changes in her, she is becoming an adult.

Sprit West Coast

I am really happy we made it to Spirit West Coast for a second year in a row. And I am thrilled TobMac performed. The show was amazing. And we got to Meet Toby! The entire day was a ton of fun.


My wife and our second oldest headed to Florida for a week of being in nature. When they get back and settled in, I’ll include some of those photos as well.

Bay Area

I love our visits back home. The Bay Area is my favorite place, next to Tahoe. It was good to be around family and friends. I took a few hours and just drove and drove, visiting the places and people I miss so much. The kids reconnected with friends, took classes, swam, and attended like their old youth group .

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