Busy weekend

Weekends At Big Family Ranch: Fences, sprinklers and swimming

June 3-4 2017

Our friends came over Saturday to help complete the new fencing project. Gotta love hard working friends, it’s great to put them to work. 😉

We are about 80% there now. I have managed to remove all the old fencing and 1.5 acres is fenced in now! Just a few more posts and two gates and the rest of the wire fence and we will be done!

Then today the kids and I removed several of our fruit trees that are no longer giving us good fruit. I used a chainsaw and took 3 of them down. The kids then cut them up smaller and raked it all up. My youngest basically moved leaves and stuff around then wanted a drink, and a snack, and then she was tired … and basically was the mouse in “If you give a mouse a cookie”. For reals.

After all that hard work, the morning was over, so we headed to out pool and we had a blast! Then it was off to Home Depot to get supplies for the sprinklers and drip system. On the way home we had lunch and got my youngest a hair cut. She looks cute with it short, not at all mouse like, at least not unless you look long enough. She did have chocolate chip pancakes though, but no cookies.

The rest of the day was spent putting in new drips systems and repairing existing ones as well as getting all the sprinklers dialed in. A home and several acres takes a lot of work. I am proud, so proud of my family.

The entire fence project will be featured in our family blog when it launches in July.

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