Send a coupon to a customer after signup

WooCommerce: Send a coupon!
Send a coupon to a customer as a reward for subscribing to a list and/or creating an account during checkout.

With Follow Up Emails you can create a list for your customers to subscribe to, create a sign up form to subscribe to that list, and send them a coupon for doing so!

This is what you do.

  1. Create a new coupon in Follow-Up Emails
  2. Create a new Signup Email in Follow-Up Emails
  3. Create a list in Follow-Up Emails
  4. Create a signup page for your list
  5. Install a plugin that will create a pop-up or splash page

First, create a new coupon in Follow-Up Emails
Just head to Follow-Up Emails in the side menu and navigate to Coupons -> Add Coupon.

In our example it’s a 25% off coupon. Configure as desired.

see screen shot

Next create a new Sign Up Email in Follow-Up Emails and attach the coupon

see screen shot

As you can see there are a few things you need to be sure to configure.

  1. The Follow-Up Type needs to be Signup Email.
  2. Configure the sending delay.
  3. Set the trigger to be after user signs up to a list.
  4. Choose Any List. You can be specific if you would like and select a list by name.
  5. You will need to add this variable {coupon_code} to the email, or nothing will be shown.

Thirdly, create a list in Follow-Up Emails
Head over to Follow-Up Emails -> Mailing Lists -> Lists and create a list.

see screen shot

The fourth step is to create a signup page for your list
We are almost there. Now you need to create a page to be used for signups. Create a new page similar to this using Follow-Up Emails shortcode.

[fue_subscribe list="Store Updates" submit_text="Subscribe" success_message="You have been subscribed! The 25% off coupon is on it's way!"]

see screen shot

Lastly, install a plugin that will create a pop-up or splash page
Just for this example I installed this plugin which creates a splash page.

The resulting form looks like this.

see screen shot

And finally, the email that the customer will receive for joining the list.

see screen shot

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