I love being an Automattician! It’s not just that I work from home 100% of the time, or because I work with smart amazing people all over the world, but because I am making a difference. I believe deeply in what WordPress stands for (also WordPress.com) and what we accomplish.

I started using WordPress in 2003 when b2 just stop coming out with updates and Matt grabbed the reins. To be working for WordPress is a dream come true. I mean it’s pretty much the best. We even get to travel to amazing places regularly and meet the WordPress community that exists all over the world. My favorite so far is Ireland.

Check out some of the great reasons to join Automattic!


  • Open vacation policy (no set number of days per year). We encourage all employees to take the time they need for vacation, to pursue their own interests, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.
  • Home office setup and coworking allowances. Working from a coffee shop? You can use your coworking allowance for the requisite latte!
  • We happily provide or reimburse hardware and software you’ll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning.
  • Company-sponsored life insurance.
  • Open maternity/paternity leave. If you’ve been with Automattic for 12 months, your leave is fully paid.
  • WordPress-branded laptop at your four-year anniversary. A spiffy set of wireless headphones at your seven-year anniversary.
  • Paid two to three-month sabbatical encouraged every five years.
  • We cover all costs of company travel, so dust off that passport! Your team will get together one to three times per year in locations around the globe.
  • Other benefits are country-specific, and include health, vision, and dental insurance; matching retirement/pension contributions; childcare vouchers; income protection; travel insurance; and discount offers.

Interested? You should be! Work with us!