The Integrity of Prayer

I am reading Tim Keller’s book on Prayer again. The last time I read it, it left a huge impression on me, and for awhile changed my habits. I am back to it again because I have been praying less and less. Like an art form…

To the moon

To the moon is one of those games you will be happy you paid money for. It’s worth more than it cost, that is for sure. The music, the plot and the humor are my favorite parts of the game. Graphics are okay, retro on purpose,…


My oldest turns 15 this week. Yeah, 15. Wow. She has grown up so much this last year. In fact it seems like each week brings some kind of growth in her character as she figures out adult behavior vs. childish behavior. I could not be…

Team Change

Oh yeah. At work we had some team changes happen and along with that, new team names. I totally love my new team and our shiny new name. Team Tatooine


If Jesus became incarnate to live among the ordinary, then what we call ordinary is really special to God. – Tim Keller

Heart Rate Variablility

My trainer talked to me about Heart Rate Variability. It’s some amazing science that I am just now starting to research and learn about. It’s a smart way to do fitness. Basically it takes a snapshot based on how you are doing that day. So let’s…

Schedule And Timing

“If we impose our understanding of schedule & timing on Jesus, we will struggle to feel loved by Him.” -Tim Keller